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A TAKEBAYASHI – BAMBUSZLIGET opened in March 2003 on Belgrád rakpart, Budapest.

Our restaurant has been designed and furnished in accordance with Japanese customs and traditions. The interior reflects a calm atmosphere, neat and clean design, and soothing colours.

The main landing area hosts our open kitchen, where you can follow how our sushi dishes are prepared step by step. The upper level sports separated tables for a more intimate feel. The lower level has two tatami-rooms, each with room for 10. These may be opened together, thus creating a large, single dining space that can host 20-22 persons.

We offer genuine masterpieces and delicacies of the Japanese cuisine to our customers. This is guaranteed by our chef, SHOJI MORITA, and other cooks under his guidance. Apart from immersing yourself in the joys of Japanese gastronomy, you may also get acquainted with Japanese culinary habits as well, and rid yourself of any preconceptions regarding these if you had any. Besides sushi, we also serve dishes most people would not think come from Japan.

Under the influence of the recipes and seasoning patterns Morita sensei introduced to our establishment you will have the impression that you are in Japan for real. You may try our exclusive, handmade Japanese pastries as well. Browse through our menu, and enjoy your journey to the land of traditional Japanese cuisine.

SHOJI MORITA chose Bambuszliget


master chef and tutor

He has honed his skills to perfection at the traditional Japanese restaurant Sushimasa (Kudanshita, Japan - http://www.sushimasa-t.com/). This sushi bar, established in 1861, has mentored the most renowned sushi chefs in the world. And Morita-san rose to the position of deputy chef here.

He spent 2 years at the restaurant. Now his proper title is “sushi master”, as he has also been working as a tutor in the arts of sushi since 2002, giving classes on a weekly basis.

Morita-san also has a skill that is considered outstanding even in Japan.

Morita-san also has a skill that is considered outstanding even in Japan. He has a certificate in preparing the fugu, or pufferfish.

This species of fish secretes and stores all the toxic materials it consumes in its liver, which makes this organ highly poisonous. If prepared by an untrained, uncertified person, this dish may well turn out to be our last, since these toxins can swiftly kill those who consume them.

Morita-san not only has this certification, he has also trained other fugu-masters. An expert with this skillset is rare not only in Hungary, but in all of Europe. He is also a return guest on Japanese television as a sushi expert.

Morita-san chose Bambuszliget, since he found our admiration of Japanese traditions welcoming.